yeah no

i’m not one of those people that will preach unconditional sex positivity

because some people’s “kinks” are having sex with children

and rubbing their genitals on random people on the train

so na

miss me with the lectures about “kink shaming”

because there is a line

and way too many people cross it

I’m angry about how many notes this has. Pedophilia is a problem because children can’t consent. Rubbing genitals on random people on the train is a problem because the stranger didn’t consent.

If your kink can be accomplished consensually, then there is no reason to shame it. Example, “Let’s roleplay that one of us is a child or roleplay that we are strangers in public. Our safeword is this: _____, feel free to say it.” 

If you have a strange kink, there is someone out there who is also into that, and wants to be on the opposite side of it! If you think you might do something to someone without consent, seek help! 

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more deets on the Ukraine thing: fliers were handed out near synagogues on Passover announcing that Jews were hereby ordered to register, in a part of the world currently kind of unstable/chaotic. 0 people in actual positions of power have said that that's okay with them and/or that they're responsible for it. it's fake in the "not really happening" way, not the "fliers weren't distributed" way.

yes important (i’m posting it so everyone knows) 



What do you even say when someone starts reading homestuck

"Im sorry"

"Don be a hero"

"It’s not as bad as— yes it is"

"Please dont"

"Youre gonna be okay"

"Your family is worried about you"

"Why dont you go play outside instead"

TG: but i dont want you to die

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"… because Mexicans go through just as much discrimination, if not more discrimination, than black people do in this country."

And, this was only LAST MONTH so the whole “new black” bullshit doesn’t come as a surprise to me.


What do Mexicans have to do with representation, what is this nigga on???

i dont even know where to start

He gots to go

Fuck him.

That New Black is where its at…

Now when I hear the song ‘Happy’, just before I flip the station, I imagine the happiest of negroes wearing a ridiculous hat and an ear-to-ear grin (sounds familiar) dancing a magical jig on top of the feelings of every Black person who ever has, continues to, and ever will experience actual hatred and bigotry because of the color of their skin. All of this happy, magical dancing for the entertainment of the oppressors.

The bold

We was rooting for him..And he does this shit.

should have known since he did blurred lines and defended the song

whatever just another cooning nigga that isnt down

insert Azealia Banks tweet here,


It’s really funny being submissive with a guy and then also being a radical feminist

"Yes I’ll obey you, master"
“Like a good woman”
“Are you fucking implying that women should serve men?”


how to get a girls panties wet:

  1. kiss her roughly 
  2. shove her down on the bed
  3. slip off her underwear
  4. slam dunk em in the toilet

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beautiful photograph i found in the depths of blog land. 

by a photographer named lissy elle

one of my new favorite photographers.

all i want to do is live in her photographs.




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The world has bigger problems than boys who kiss boys

like people who kill boys who kiss boys

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